Born in Cameroon, and after a professional career led in particular with Alain Juppé, former Prime Minister, former Mayor of Bordeaux. Former 3rd Deputy Mayor of Bordeaux in charge of Bordeaux Maritime and Partnerships with Africa and the Francophonie, Pierre De Gaétan NJIKAM is still, since June 28, 2020 Elected of the City of Bordeaux and Metropolitan Councilor in Bordeaux Métropole.

Pierre De Gaétan NJIKAM is also Managing Director of the Pierre Castel Endowment Fund - Agir avec Afrique, specializing in supporting youth entrepreneurship in agriculture and agribusiness in Africa. He is Chairman and CEO of the Société Bordelaise des Equipements Publics - Expositions et Congrès (SBEPEC). He was Co-President of the National Organizing Committee of the Africa-France 2020 Summit.

He is the Founder of the “JNDA - National Days of the African Diasporas” which brings together every year, since 2013, in Bordeaux, the economic, university, institutional, cultural and associative actors of the African diaspora of France and the African continent (8 editions). He is a Member of the Bureau and in charge of Institutional Relations and Partnerships of the Club Entreprises Bordeaux Afrique of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bordeaux and Gironde.