Paul Duwai-Sowa is a career Civil Servant in Canada. Before emigrating to Canada, Paul taught English and Literature at the Albert Academy in Freetown, Sierra Leone and later as a consultant with Children Associated with the War (CAW, Sierra Leone). Paul has had many public-speaking engagements including Keynote Speaker at the UNICEF Canada Conference and at the Jane Goodall Institute Roots & Shoots environmental program for youth in Toronto.

In addition to a busy career in public service, Paul is a farmer and he likes to volunteer in his Community. He is currently a Board member of the Sierra Leonean Community organization, Concerned Citizen and Friends of Sierra Leone (CCFSL) in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA); Chief of the cultural essemble, Tegloma Canada. He has also served as Project Secretary of his high school alumni association, Christ the King College, Bo City (COBA North America), Chair of UNICEF Canada, Toronto Community Engagement Advisory Team, and Board member of the Hamilton Police Recruiting Committee. Paul is a writer and columnist with publications in leading Sierra Leonean newspapers.