Morgan Martinez was born in Ghana and has lived in the United States for 38 years.
She is an entrepreneur with over 25 years of Information Technology industry experience and
she has over the years, built deep expertise in infrastructure design and deployment, quality
management, and IT services for large organizations with both domestic and global footprints
across six continents. She has built multiple businesses within and outside the shores of the
United States with particular interests in Africa where her investments interests can be felt and
seen in major cities on the continent for the sole reason of employment generation and social
re-engineering in Africa.

Morgan Martinez is passionate about the need to proffer collective and pragmatic solutions to
the challenges confronting growth and development in Africa in the areas of advanced
Information Technology, quality education, health care delivery, infrastructure and affordable
housing, cultural diplomacy, knowledge economy, and creative enterprise but beyond these,
she is committed to the support of disaster relief efforts and promoting the inclusion of the
physically challenged in sports and the Olympics through her long time support of the Special

Morgan Martinez has over the years been able to connect beyond the corridors of business to
the unique problems, crises, and difficulties facing men, women, and children across the globe
and this passion for going beyond the surface laced with her love for humanity has continued to
fuel her support for different charities and nonprofits around the world supporting the
development of youth populations in Africa and developing nations.
She believes that Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries and that without them,
humanity cannot survive.