You share our values

Like us you believe that promoting and preserving African heritage and culture is
important for socioeconomic development locally and for communities in the diaspora.
You also believe that enhancing confidence, self-belief and self-esteem especially in the
youth by connecting with their roots and identity results in positive outcomes.

You support our approach

Like us, you believe in the power of advocacy, education and collaboration to achieve our
goals and the empowerment of women to achieve their full potential and to change their
lives and communities for the better.

You want to be part of a powerful network

By becoming a member, you’ll be part of an international community of like-minded people,
all working towards the common goal of celebrating and preserving African culture,
creating a supportive network for Africa and reuniting the diaspora. Our network of
chapters and the HACSA Summit provide opportunities to meet physically and virtually,
socialise and gain new perspectives on Africa and its heritage and culture. We are
developing an innovative virtual cultural centre where members can meet for educational
programmes, entertainment and networking.

You want to support and engage with our work

As a member, you’ll can be informed about and can participate in our vital work on an
ongoing basis. Members may choose to help us by donating, fundraising or volunteering
their time to help us run our programmes and projects.