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Get access to hundreds of free courses including brand management, machine learning, food science, statistics, private equity and venture capital and more 

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Z Library

Free Ebook

Z Library is the largest and free eBook library in the world that offers you a number of PDF versions of published books, articles, and journals. Z library has around 24 categories of 80,759,561 articles and over six million books available for free for the public! 

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Ingressive For Good

Micro-Scholarships, Technical Training, Talent Placement 

Ingressive for good is a platform that aims to create and increase the earning power of tech talents in Africa by training 1,000,000 youths and connecting 5,000 to jobs. They also enable Access to micro-scholarships to study Computer Science at the Ivy Leagues of Africa combined with resources and mentorship.

Project EDSITEment

Free Courses

The National Endowment for Humanities in America has created a website called EDSITEment that offers free resources for teaching subjects such as history, literature, art, and culture. They provide lesson plans, guides, and media resources for students of all ages, teachers, and parents.

Women's month


The International Women's Day organisers have put together various resources to help celebrate and educate people on the importance of gender equality. They have created downloadable resources for teachers and a presentation-workshop on recognising and challenging biases in workplaces as part of their 'Lean In' project. 

Worksheets & Posters


To assist with home-schooling, the Learning Together Centre have developed a series of free printable resources, worksheets and posters covering Mathematics, English and Science.

Project Gutenberg

Online library

Project Gutenburg is an online library, providing free access to a wide range of fiction and non-fiction e-books. As well as containing a collection of children's reading material, including a range of educational resources, Project Gutenburg also includes works on Africa and African History, including the autobiography of Olaudah Equianoh, a West African man captured as a slave before later

Haitian Revolution


The Haitian Revolution of 1791-1804 was one of the few successful slave revolts of recorded history, and led to Haiti become the world's first black-led republic. Mike Duncan, creator of the podcast series Revolutions, has recorded a detailed and extensive 19-part history of the Haitian Revolution and made it available to download for free.

African Kingdoms

History courses

The study of early African history achieves two key aims. Firstly, it brings diversity and range to what has always been a narrow History syllabus in British schools, and speaks to the modern nation. Second, it broadens the sense of what “History” is as a discipline, and introduces students to different approaches to historical sources and evidence. It offers a new type of History, beyond the traditional “Hitler and the Henrys” approach which has characterised so much of the British school History syllabus.

Learn more about African Kingdoms here

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General Education

Free book downloads

Welcome to our educational tools section. See below our free book downloads. The first one can aid teaching French for those engaged in homeschooling. Learning French links us to our Francophone brothers and sisters in the African Diaspora. The second is a resource on heritage and culture.

For more exciting free downloads we are highlighting a free online tool for downloading authorised documents as images or PDFs. Learn about Calameo here

General Education

Free Harvard Courses

Harvard University is offering 67 courses for free during this pandemic. We are particularly excited about the free courses that teach coding and web programming with Python and Javascript. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to explore your passions and expand your skills.

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