Enoch Effah is a French boxer and entrepreneur . He is at the head of the Nokefa group. He runs leadership and fitness centers and works with companies on training programs and seminars.

A man of Ghanaian origin, Enoch Effah has three World Boxing Championship titles. In 2002, he was crowned champion of France in the hope category. He was subsequently upgraded to the Honor category by request. In 2003, Enoch won the title of Champion of France in the Honor category. During that same year he entered the National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance (INSEP).

He went on to obtain his first title of Champion of France in the elite category in 2004. This success will be repeated in 2005. The same year, he won his first World Title against the double champion at the time. In 2006, Enoch developed the so-called “Nokefa” sports method. In 2015 he opened the Nokefa center in Chatou.