Dr. Charlie Easmon is President of The International Association of Physicians for the Overseas Services (IAPOS), Medical Director of your Excellent Health Service, the Co-founder of Global Health Action Strategies and Solutions, the Founder of YEHS We Care, a Former Honorary Lecturer at UCL Performing Arts Medicine, a Lecturer Diploma Course in Occupational Medicine at the Royal Society for Public Health, and in 2016 he was a part of the Development Team for The Black Cultural Archives

Dr Easmon trained at St George's. London. He did his elective in Ghana (his country of birth) and has since worked with, among others, Merlin, Raleigh International and Save the Children in Rwanda, and ECHO in Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. He has been privileged to work in and visit 75 countries.

Charlie’s interest in mental health in the workplace came late through his occupational health work in which he saw the consequences of poor work environments, late referral, lack of mental health support resources or poor management. He lectures in schools to children, parents and teachers on mental health. He has built his own private medical business through various (at times stressful) ups and downs over the last 15 years and has counted 12% of the FT100 amongst his clients. The current business is called Your Excellent Health Service www.yourexcellenthealth.co.uk and is based at 1 Harley Street.

In 2006 Charlie was featured in Time Out: Ghanaian Londoners. In 2008 Charlie was awarded the Excell award for Innovation, Dedication and Excellence at the 8th Annual Ghanaian Professional's Association Awards. In 2012 Charlie was nominated for the Ghana UK Business Awards in the professional category. In 2013 Charlie was featured in CNN African Voices. In 2014 he was featured on the Nana Churcher Show and in 2016 he was also featured on Tip TV Health Program.