Adewale Ajadi is a creative consultant, leadership educator, change agent and storyteller. Born in Ibadan, Nigeria, he has over twenty years experience working on people, organisations and communities on issues that transform human interaction in the direction of meaningful dialogue, authentic interaction and empowered value creation as well as evolution.

A barrister, Ajadi also has an MSc. in International Business Economics; he has also studied Leadership Education at Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; and Complex Systems Theory in New England Complex Systems Institute, MIT. He developed the Framework for Excellence in Equality and Diversity (FEED) system.

He currently works with the African Leadership Center to deliver training on Leadership in Peace Operations across Africa and the rest of the world, as part of U.N./UNITAR capacity building programme. Ajadi is also a successful playwright, and his play, Abyssinia has toured the UK.

Ajadi has co-authored two books Building Workplace Equality: Ethics, Diversity and Inclusion, as well as, Croner’s Managing Equality and Diversity.